FaceTimer - Attendance System Based on Face Recognition

Events' Photos

Face Recognition


Any Device



Employees post in/out events, FaceTimer checks events with facial recognition, managers get notifications and reports with photos. FaceTimer is based on retailers' experience, and we know that customers need a simple working solution that could be started in 10 minutes: Quick Start.


1. Sign Up

Create an account and login on FaceTimer.ru

2. Company

Add your company information: name, timezone.

3. Applications

Copy your company's web-client link and open it on the devices that will be used to monitor attendance.

4. Departments

Add departments. Bind applications to departments.

5. Events

Employees can add themselves to the system. The first photo of an employee will be used as a pattern for facial comparison.

6. Reports

All events' information is stored in your account: reports, photos, timesheet.