How does FaceTimer face recognition work?

Events photos

The photo of the first event posted by an employee becomes the main photo of the employee.

The next events are compared by the face recognizer with the main photo of the employee.

Over time, the main photo of an employee can be automatically replaced with a higher-quality photo (see Photo requirements). You can also change the main photo manually in the "Employees" section.

Photo requirements

# Requirements Description
1 The face should be clearly visible. Photos with a blurry images and poor lighting are not suitable.
2 The face must be fitted in the frame. Photos, where only part of the face is visible on the screen, are not suitable.
3 The face should not be covered. The hair should not cover the face. Photos with masks, sunglasses are not suitable..
4 Natural facial expression. There should be no intentional distortion of the face by facial expressions.
5 Direct look into the camera. Profile photos are not allowed.
6 Vertical position. The face should be positioned vertically relative to the bottom edge of the photo on the screen.
7 One face in the frame. The face of the employee on whose behalf the event is posted should be in the foreground.