Quick start guide on how to start up the time tracker based on face recognition.


Create a new account at FaceTimer. It's free.

Company configuration

Set company name and timezone. Other settings could be changed later.

Web-browser initialization

Open your company's page. At the right menu click "Applications", then "New application".

Copy the configuration URL from the modal window.

Open the URL on a device that would be used for event postings. You will see the page of the web-client that is connected to your company.

Event posting

Press "Add employee" button on web-client page, enter "Full name", press "Find", then "Add new employee".

In the new card containing the employee name press "Post event". Give access to the webcam to the browser. Press "Make photo" then "I'm here". The event will be sent to the server.


Open your company's page. At the right menu click "Monthly report". You will see the event that you just posted. Click on the event to open detailed information.